Content marketing: Getting your content seen

Karlis Blumentals

So you have genuinely invested into creating exciting, valuable and effective content ready to explode your content marketing efforts. For your content marketing to work, your content must be seen by as many members of your target audience as possible. How do you spread the word? You have several options that you may or may not already be aware of. Here goes the list.

Post on your website

This is the most obvious place for your content to appear. Remember article about increasing your website's position on search results by creating valuable content? This is how you do it. If your content is an article or publication, put it to your website. The more great content your website has, the more likely you are to be favored by search engines for the keywords important in your field.

Post on social networks

Depending on whether you are posting a link to an article that you have just written or image or video, you can post your content to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other networks. Actually your content should be the main component of your social media marketing efforts. It makes no sense to be on social networks if you do not feed your audience with engaging content.

If your content is a video or live stream, you may consider SnapChat or Periscope.

Post videos on YouTube

If you have created video content, post it to YouTube as well as other channels. And if you have multiple YouTube videos, you can cross-link them so that viewers of one video know that you have more great videos to show.

Send to your e-mail newsletter subscribers

If relevant, send your content (or more precisely a link to your content) to your e-mail subscribers. After all this is why they subscribed to your newsletter - to receive more great content.

Send to your customers

If you have a permission from your customers to send them e-mail, and the content is relevant to existing customers (it should be), let them know. Not only your customers might be happy and enthusiastic about receiving free content of value to them, this is a good way to show them that you still care about them. Just remember, that I am not talking about product announcements but genuinely free content.

Arrange guest posts

There may be third party blogs about your industry that would be happy to feature your content as "guest post". This is a great opportunity to communicate to the third party's audience. Providing that there is a link to the original article or the author's website, guest posting can get you both new visitors and improved search engine ranking, because search engines rank websites based on the number of links they have across the internet (more on this in our article about [Improving your website's search engine rankings]).

Post on forums and communities

If you are participating in a relevant industry-specific forum or online community and if this is not against the community's rules, post a link to your content there.

Outreach to publishers

If your content is of great quality and uniqueness, you may try to get your content published on third party blogs or even in press. Getting publish on a big time blog or newspaper may generate you valuable links and traffic.