Facebook marketing tips for beginners

Karlis Blumentals
Facebook marketing tips for beginners

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most popular places where people spend time online. And some of these people may become your visitors or even customers, should you choose to promote your business on Facebook. While Facebook marketing is a vast subject and a whole science, one has to begin somewhere. So, today, I will provide a few tips to get you started.

Create a high-quality Facebook page for your business

Facebook marketing starts with your Facebook page. A Facebook page is a business profile on Facebook that can be followed by Facebook users and other pages.

Here are some tips on creating an awesome Facebook page:

  • Enter as much information as you can - description, business location, business hours, website address etc.
  • Use high quality images and logo, to leave a good impression
  • Your page name must be unique and match your brand name or company name so that you can be easily found on Facebook
  • Ask yourself: "If I was my potential customer, would my Facebook page leave the right impression?"

Keep your promotional content to minimum

Many businesses make a mistake of flooding their timeline with boring offers and ads. This is not how Facebook works, because most Facebook users do not want to see boring commercial information and will not engage with such posts.

A research brought up by Forbes suggests that a good ratio is 20% of promotional content versus 80% non-promotional content designed to pump up engagement.

Post interesting, likely to be shared content

You have to be smart and creative and instead of promoting your products or services directly, you have to generate and publish engaging and interesting content that relates to your business activities.

Here are some examples of good non-promotional content:

  • Links to your latest blog posts where you provide valuable advice or interesting content that might relate to your target customers
  • Motivational quotes that relate to your business or philosophy
  • Breathtaking or catchy images or videos that relate to your business
  • Giveaways and contests without requirement to buy something

It is absolutely essential that your posts are interesting, fun or of great value to your target audience. Here is why:

  • By offering content that is interesting to your target audience, you give a compelling reason for the right people to follow your page and check out your business.
  • The better your content the more shares and likes it gets. The more shares and likes your content gets, the bigger exposure.
  • Because of how Facebook's systems work, content with high engagement rate is shown to even more Facebook users while content with low engagement figures is shown to fewer users.

Use images and videos

Posts without images or videos will most likely get lost in the see of other posts and will not work well. So, use attractive high quality images with your posts to gain attention.

Keep your post texts short

Most Facebook users will not read a post if it is not very short. Some research results suggests that posts with 100 - 120 characters may result in the highest engagement. So keep it short and simple.

Be active, post on a regular basis

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to Facebook marketing is when business creates a Facebook pages and then neglects to maintain it on a regular basis. The last thing you want to do is leave an impression that your company is going out of business or doing a sloppy job.

You should publish at least 1 - 2 posts per week, this will leave an impression of an active business and encourage page visitors to engage with your content or even contact you. To leave a good impression, you should also respond to all messages and relevant comments as soon as possible.

Post at the right times

To gain maximum exposure, you should post or schedule your posts to be launched at times and days when your target audience is most active on Facebook and most likely to engage.

There are various research projects done on this and the results usually differ. If your page has operated for some time, you can find out this form your page statistics in your Facebook control panel.

Our experience shows that the best time for posting is after business hours and on weekends, but this differs on content. Entertainment posts work better during leisure hours while more serious content might work better when posted earlier during the day.

Use paid Facebook advertising - boosted posts

Make no mistake, Facebook is a commercial enterprise and no matter how many page followers you have, the system is rigged so that your free organic posts will only be presented to very few of your followers. For your posts to reach any sizeable audience, you will have to pay.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to get some results. We usually spend around 3 - 5$ per post and invest more money in that post only if it performs well.

When boosting a post, you are presented with a choice to narrow down your audience. Be sure to select as precise audience as you can. If you are totally unsure, try boosting your posts to your followers and their friends.

Note, the rule about post quality still applies. The better your post engagement, the less you pay for boosting your posts. Promoting poor, boring or inappropriate posts will not work very well.

Gain followers the right way

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