How to get quality Facebook followers

Karlis Blumentals
How to get quality Facebook followers

So you have created your Facebook page and prepared some cool content to be posted. One problem - you have no followers. Here are some tips and advice on growing your Facebook fan base and getting high quality followers.

Start by inviting your friends

Your friends are one of the best source for growing the initial follower base.

Here is why:

  • Your friends are more likely to become followers
  • Your friends are, of course, real persons with high quality Facebook accounts - a good starting point to build your network of followers.
  • Your friends are more likely to engage with your posts and spread the word. This is good for pumping up your Facebook reputation.

Invite your existing customers

Invite your existing customers by sending them a message or linking your Facebook page address on your website. After all, your current customers are your most precise target audience and they might be rather interested in following your page.

Gain page likes by offering valuable content

Gaining followers in a natural way by means of posting engaging content on a regular basis is the only correct way to proceed. If somebody likes you content, they are likely to follow your page. So work on your content. You can also invite users that liked your posts from Facebook interface, this may help you gain some more quality likes.

Nobody said it was easy. But when done right, high quality follower base will pay good rewards as your post exposure will go up and advertising costs will go down.

Never buy followers, likes or shares from any source

Facebook is good at spotting cheaters and buying followers, likes or shares is punishable by removal of your Facebook page. And even if you get away with this, you will only waste your money as the purchased followers are usually fake accounts and any likes or shares are completely worthless.

Do not optimize your Facebook ads for gaining more page likes

While it may seem a good idea to use Facebook's legitimate advertising features for attracting more followers, you will most likely end up in gaining a bunch of people that like everything or even worse, you may contaminate your follower base with fake accounts. More about this here:

The follower count is not as important as it was

The importance of follower count has decreased in the last few years, as Facebook is pushing businesses to pay for advertising (boosted posts) in order to gain any significant exposure. No matter how many followers you have, organic reach of business page posts is very limited.

Of course the follower count still does matter, because your followers are usually your best and most targeted audience to work with, but there are other opportunities as well. So the good news is that you can boost your post to any Facebook audience, including any subset of non-followers. This way you can gradually gain more new fans of your page.