Why is content marketing essential for your success?

Karlis Blumentals

You may not know what is content marketing. Or you may have heard about it and decided that it is not for you. Whatever the case, if you are not doing content marketing then you are missing out on huge opportunities and you are also most certainly limiting your online success. So why is content marketing essential for your online success?

There are actually a number of compelling benefits to doing proper content marketing. Here goes the list.

Content marketing gets your website noticed and shared

People are 90% more likely to share content than a link to commercial product page. What is more, if a link to your home page will be likely shared only once per interested person, fresh and regular content updates can get shared by the same follower or visitor multiple times.

Content marketing makes your social network marketing work

If you have read our Facebook marketing tips for beginners [blog/online-marketing] you will understand that it does not make sense to do any social media marketing at all without proper content marketing strategy. Quality content is what makes social network marketing to work, and not product ads and updates. I remember when we started to use proper content marketing strategy for our other startup Mozello website builder, Facebook engagement rates went up 10 times for the same money.

Content marketing increases search engine rankings

Nowadays when content is king, great content marketing strategy can improve your website's position on search engines. Google seems to favor content over commercial information about products and services. Want to appear on Google for various keywords related to your industry? Content is one of the keys factors.

Content marketing can educate your customers into buying your product

Content marketing is a great way for educating potential customers to the point that they are ready to consider buying your product. You can create content about solving a particular challenge and drop in an occasional reference to your product as one of the (or a part of the) solution.

Content marketing increases customer trust and confidence

Quality content and professional advice related to your industry gives an impression that you are competent and professional in your field. This makes your company look like an authority and enjoy more trust. Of course, to achieve this, you have to produce high-quality content that sends the right signals.

Content marketing makes your e-mail marketing work

Nobody wants to sign up for spam and commercial ads, however many people will sign up for great and valuable content delivered to their inbox. This gives you an opportunity to grow your mailing list faster and keep the unsubscribe rates low. Actually, it is almost impossible to run a decent e-mail marketing strategy without doing content marketing.

Content marketing is much cheaper than traditional marketing

According to an article by a blogger and user experience designer Paul Boag, when done right, content marketing is 62% cheaper and generates 3x more leads than traditional marketing.